Pregnancy related conditions

Osteopathy for Pregnancy related conditions

Pregnancy is a wonderful time but it does result in significant postural changes and increased stress on the body as the baby grows and develops from week to week. Extra weight from the baby and increased breast weight alters the centre of gravity, which adjusts the body's alignment and compromises the mechanics of the body.

This typically manifests itself in the following ways;

  • The lower back is forced to arch or extend more
  • The mid part of the back becomes stressed as the abdomen grows and expands
  • The shoulders and neck have greater demands placed on them as the mother uses her upper ribs for breathing
  • The pelvis will tilt forward to make room for the baby and consequently the hips are forced to adapt, further stressing the body
  • Additionally, a hormone called Relaxin is released during the second and third trimesters. This hormone causes laxity of the ligaments in preparation for birth. However, it also means the muscles now have to work harder to stabilise the joints, which can lead to pain, aches and fatigue

Osteopaths are skilled at helping to alleviate these issues by using gentle techniques such as joint manipulation, articulation, stretching and soft tissue massage. These techniques are very effective in easing pain and discomfort. We can also advise on sleeping positions and postures to make the pregnancy as comfortable as possible.

Pregnant women very often respond well to osteopathic treatment and it is safe to visit an osteopath during pregnancy.