Postural and Occupational related problems

Osteopathy for Postural and Occupational related problems

Many of us begin our day travelling in a car or sitting on a bus or train. Some of us carry heavy bags or a bag on one shoulder on a daily basis.

This is often followed by hours spent sitting at a desk, working on a computer and using the telephone. The use of mobile technology devices has increased significantly in recent years and this has contributed to the high incidence of neck and back problems. It is not only adults who are susceptible to these postural problems. Children and teenagers are now also becoming more vulnerable to injury due to use of handheld technology and this may result in problems later in life.

Continuous poor posture weakens our core muscles, making the back and neck more susceptible to injury. At the core of osteopathy is advice on correct posture, work place ergonomics and maintaining healthy and active lifestyles.