Its a long way from accountancy to here

October 1, 2015

Maria Nolan

In my first ever blog, I’m delighted to share that Nolan Osteopathy has just turned one and what a first year in business it has been. I’ve been very fortunate to meet and help so many wonderful people who have been incredibly supportive as I’ve tried to build a business that is reflection of me and what I believe in as an osteopath.

It seems like only yesterday that I made the decision to leave my career as an accountant with a media company and to become an osteopath. While some might suggest that this was a leap into the unknown, in reality, I had first-hand experience about the success of osteopathy in treating various aches and pains.

I had struggled with severe lower back pain since my teens and went to see an osteopath for the first time in my mid-twenties. It made a huge difference to my quality of life. This was the start of my journey into osteopathy, one that I could never have envisaged being so rewarding and enjoyable.

So in this blog, I’d like to share some insights about osteopathy and how I like to work.

How does osteopathy work

As an osteopath, I take a holistic approach when treating patients – in other words I look at the functioning of the body in its entirety. I believe that the human body works best when the entire body is structurally balanced and aligned properly. Applying my knowledge of anatomy (structure of the body) and physiology (how the body functions), I will not just focus on treating the presenting symptoms, but I will also look at issues in other parts of the body that may be contributing to the symptoms. So when a patient describes their symptoms to me, my treatment plan will include techniques to ensure that all of the body’s structures are performing optimally.

Osteopathy is not just another “complementary” therapy

Osteopaths are often (incorrectly) thought of as back specialists or as massage therapists. In fact osteopaths treat a wide range of conditions such as;

Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy related conditions

Arthritic Conditions

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Postural & Occupational Issues

Headaches and Migraines

(click here to see a list of conditions that we treat at Nolan Osteopathy)

I will utilise a number of different techniques – including articulation of the joints, manipulation and gentle massage – to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

Treatment does not always involve the cracking of bones

This is something I am frequently asked by people who may be considering coming to see me. Manipulation or clicking of the joints is just one technique that I may use, but it will always depend on the patient and whether is it suitable for their condition. More importantly, I will never manipulate someone without getting their consent first.

Osteopathy is for all ages

Osteopathy is used to treat people of all ages so this should never be a reason for you not to visit an osteopath. In fact my youngest patient is 8 and my oldest is 84 years old. Age will be taken into consideration and will play an important role when deciding the best course of treatment for a patient.

Communication is key

I get the best results for my patients when I know exactly what the contributing factors are to the symptoms. I will always tell the patient what I am doing and why I am doing it during the treatment and if something isn’t right for you or makes you feel uncomfortable, we work together to find the best solution.

In my next blog, I will be offering some advice and guidance on finding the best sleeping position to help with Neck, Shoulder and Back pain.

As always, if you have any questions about the services we offer or the conditions we treat, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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