Can Osteopathy Help With Pins & Needles In My Arm?

November 1, 2019

Maria Nolan

It’s Q&A time. Here is a question we got asked by a concerned patient recently.


I get numbness and bad pins and needles in my left arm and hand when I wake in the morning. Is this something you can help with?


Without seeing you and understanding a little bit more about your medical history and lifestyle, it is difficult to know exactly what may be causing this. However, osteopathy is always a good place to start when looking for treatment for joint and muscle pain, muscle weakness or pins and needles.

Depending on your age, it may be that wear and tear in the cervical vertebrae is causing problems in the neck and shoulder area, which in turn can put pressure on the nerves, causing pain, weakness and a tingling sensation along your left arm and hand.

If you have had an injury to your neck or shoulder in the past, this can lead to problems along the arm and into the hand. Again, any impingement of the nerves which leave the shoulder can result in a pins and needles sensation further along the arm.

You might also be suffering from a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome which is very common and something we treat on a regular basis. Your carpal tunnel is a channel in your wrist and the tendons that you use to flex your fingers and wrist pass through this channel. The median nerve is also in this channel. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is increased pressure or compression on this nerve, which can cause a tingling or burning pain, numbness and pins and needles.

It is best to get it checked as soon as possible to prevent your symptoms from worsening and also to minimise the risk of your nerves getting permanently damaged. Osteopathy treatment will help to manage the pain and swelling and improve the range of motion in your arm and hand. Recovery from any inflammation or injury can take time so the sooner you come to see us the greater chance there is of you making a quicker recovery.

If anyone is experiencing these types of symptoms and would like some advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by;

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